Vila Cetkovic Beach View
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Private acommodation in Montenegro

Villa Cetkovic, Zagradje, Sutomore

Villa Cetkovic front

Zagradje is a peaceful village at the Montenegrian coast near the town of Sutomore and port Bar. It stretches from Adriatic coast and Spitch field to the slopes of nearby hills of Haj Nehaj, Velji vrh and Crni rt.

Villa Ćetković is at the bottom of the hills, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, the cypress alley and old olive trees, and with a view on the Spich field and the Adriatic Sea.

If you decide to spend your vacation as our guests you will enjoy the benefits of such surroundings; good air quality, beautiful nature and beaches and fresh and pleasant nights.

Comfortable rooms and studios of „Villa Ćetković“ with its 14 accommodation units are able to host up to maximum 47 guests. The structure is as follows: 9 rooms, 3 rooms on each floor sharing the same bathroom and 5 studios, with own terraces and bathrooms. There is a restaurant hall (60m2) in the house and just in front of the house there is a nice summer terrace (100m2).

Room 1/4 II floor

Room 1/3 I floor